Replica Of A Strange Love - Glass Replicant  (LP)

Replica Of A Strange Love - Glass Replicant (LP)

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Emerging out of the gloom comes Replica of a Strange Love - the new record from Wristmeetrazor. Illuminating the darkest corners of their every nightmare and representing a nihilistic plunge headfirst into an intoxicating mix of death, sin and romance.

Replica of a Strange Love is a modern take on metalcore; building on the foundations of their past to leave a shimmering trail of visceral energy in their wake. The album is introspective one, utilizing the work of Nietzsche, Foucault, LaVey and more to make sense of human reactions and sociological phenomena specific to ongoing events. Hopeless romanticism is the past - personal philosophy is the present.

 Still fashionably dead, now is the time to take note of Wristmeetrazor. 

/100 The Waiting Place (Fluorescent Green in Fluorescent Pink)
/200 Black Chrysalis Bloom (Onyx w/ Translucent Flames) - Band Exclusive
/200 Draining + Drilling (Onyx and Silver pinwheel with Cherry Red Splatter)
/500 Starlit Static (Mistral Blue w/ Sparkles)
/1000 Glass Replicant (Clear with Arctic Pearl, Frost Bite Blue and Onyx Splatter) 

"Our Distress Entwined"
"Last Tango In Paris"
"Nietzsche Is Dead"
"Love's Labor's Lost"
"Anemic (The Same Six Words)"
"Eyes of Sulfide"
"Dies Irae"
"99 & 44/100"
"A Fractured Dovetail Romance"
"This Summer's Sorrow II: Growing Old In The Waiting Place"
"All The Way Alive"